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         Jay Deveraux's interest in properties started with a house he bought just out of college. He and a partner purchased a four plex, that they moved and renovated themselves. Jay immediately fell in love with the remodeling process. Their next purchase was a even larger 8plex. After going in the service, he met Cynthia and they began a new adventure into a Children's Summer Camp. They sold all their investment properties to buy the ranch that hosted their camp, however in the mid 80's they lost it. After recovering and saving up, they started back into the property business by purchasing a mobile home park. Several years later an opportunity to purchase two apartment complexes came up and because of Jay's handyman skills they were able to improve and rent out all of the properties. This was the moment he realized that this was a career he wanted to continue. Their philosophy was created with the tenants at the forefront of the focus and over 40 years later they have been able to provide and meet the needs of their tenants to the best of their ability.

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